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Just “Stuff” Everywhere…A letter to Moms

18 Nov

Seriously.  It is probably one of the biggest issues I have struggled with and continue to do so.  Just STUFF everywhere.  Right now my living room looks like a land mine of toys went off, all of my beautiful framed pictures on my PB Studio Wall Shelves are all laid down flat on each of the top 3 shelves because my one year old loves to knock them all down, toddler puffs are on the coffee table, the kitchen table ends up being the hording zone of STUFF and there is laundry in my dryer (my secret hiding place).  BUT I am finally having my cup of coffee that has been warmed up twice while Elena naps and I’m trying to get the energy to work out.  (Enter exhale now) Yes, when we have our precious little ones there is just STUFF everywhere and it can be overwhelming.  I know.  God forbid anyone wants to come over or heaven forbid “stop by”.  (PSA..People don’t do that to Moms of little ones.)  We all know its true, admit it.  BUT, and its a big BUT one day, and I don’t ever want that day to come,  I will have too much time on my hands.  My house will be immaculate and I will miss all that STUFF everywhere. So Moms (and Dads).  Lets try to give ourselves a break.  It is okay that my house is a “mess”.  Lets all say this together.  Hi, my name is ___________________ and it is okay that my house is a “mess”.  It means that we are being great parents and focusing on our kids.  I want to applaud us all for putting our children first. Keep up the good work Moms and Dads!  And in the words of Juan Pablo, “Esss Okay”. 😉 xoxo, Meredith “Children are not a distraction from more important work.  They are THE MOST important work!” – C.S. Lewis  

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