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Learning + Sharing = Growth

8 May

We have the blessing to live our life here on Earth.  Every day we have experiences and have the choice to learn from them.  Whether they happen to us or to others.  If we as humans, Gods children, do not take the time to learn and grow in every way, what is our journey here on Earth all about?  I am on a journey to continue to better myself.  To always be open to learning, growing, yearning to become the better me.  I think one of the best lessons I learned from a young age is to not judge.  God only knows what exactly is going on.  Especially don’t judge by outward appearances or what you think you may know about them, which opens yourself to making assumptions.  We all know when we assume we make an “ass out of u and me.”  And for some sad reason it is in our human nature to automatically believe the bad in people, even if it is not true, then to believe the good things when they are true.  Let’s all try to make a difference.  In ourselves and others.  If you always keep your heart and mind open you will be amazed at how people will surprise you in the best way as well as continuing to learn and grow as a person.  While we are on this journey of learning it is important that we give back and teach the things we have learned to be valuable.  I love helping and teaching to my younger (and older) friends and family.  It’s so rewarding.  If we all took a stance back…took the time to use our God-given senses and truly try to learn and see what really matters…take the time to listen to our heart, our soul, that’s what is important.  Have you ever looked in the mirror? I mean stare deep inside into your eyes.  You can’t lie and you can’t hide.  But it is a very freeing exercise if you do it….For me, it always comes back to, what would you have done unto you.  One of the best teachings of Jesus I must say.  Life is not about being perfect…nobody is…it is about truly trying, learning, wanting to be the best you you can be.



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