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Mothers IMPACT

13 Aug

Mothers. We really do have the hardest but best “job” in the world!! Yes at times we all get overwhelmed and frustrated but that sweet smile or laugh makes it all worth it.  We really are making such an impact on our precious children.  Know that!! That’s a big deal, an honor really.  Let’s all keep up the great work and support our friends who are Mom’s.  For some reason there is a need for competition amongst Mom’s.  Who is in the best school, who has the cutest clothes, who is the best soccer player etc… what are we teaching our children?  We should be proud of our children but also proud of our friends children.  Let’s all take a break from the competition or even better stop it.  Call, even text or better yet hug your Mom friends and tell them “You are doing a fabulous job! I’m so proud of you!!”  As we all know.  It’s the little things that go a long way. 😉


Here’s a great Blog post from our Pastor about Mothers inspired my thoughts above.


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