My Professional Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Makeup To Look It’s Best!

21 Jul

Summer makeup 1

Perfect your makeup in a magnifying mirror with LEDs that mimic natural daylight so you don’t step outside and see unblended blush and splotchy foundation.  My Favorite is the Riki Light! Or you can get a less expensive one off Amazon! 


Map out where to put on concealer, foundation, and Natural translucent powder for the best photo-ready makeup!!


Watch How Here!

Apply your under-eye concealer in a triangle rather than little dots — it’ll draw attention to the brightest part of your eyes!


Watch Tutorial Here

Burshes are KEY! Seamlessly blend all your products from foundation to concealer to eyeshadow with a set of Professional Type Synthetic Brushes for a Great Price! 


For the smoother and more blended 3D finish, handle your brushes like a PRO!  Hold them like paintbrushes (aka loosely from the bottom) rather than like pens tightly.


Use a eyebrow pencil or bursh to line up where your brows should start, arch, and end before filling them in for your best and most natural-looking eyebrows!


Layer this eyelash primer  under your mascara for long and clump-free lashes for days and conditions your lashes to keep them healthier!  It ALSO GROWS YOUR LASHES!  YASS GIRL YASS!  🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Mascara!  Legit a MUST HAVE and I’m a mascara SNOB and never till I found this one have I been more in LOVE!  Comes in Waterproof and Water Resistant!  I love the waterproof one because it doesn’t budge or smudge litterally then comes off with a good eye makeup remover and cloths! And guess what….this mascara can grow your lashes up to 48% longer in just 4 weeks! Primer and Mascara! 

💧Nourishing ingredients help condition brittle, dry lashes

💧Helps densify and thicken lashes with continued useFlake-free

💧waterproof formula

➕ Inceases length by 46% in 4 weeks! 🙀

Our BRAND NEW Undersense 3 in 1 Lash Primer and Mascara not only builds lashes for longer, fuller lashes, but it ALSO GROWS THEM!!! What??? 😮

Your lashes can grow up to 47% in just 4 weeks, just by using any 1 of our 3 lash products!!!  💥Those are just the results by using only 1💥 product!!

Let’s Talk Lips!  Wheather you are a gloss girl or a lip color girl these are THE BEST ON THE MARKET!  

The premier product for SeneGence®, LipSense is a patented, amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colours. LipSense is versatile in that you can mix shades to create a number of effects.

  • Unique product is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off!
  • Does not dry out your lips – it works to restore the moisture content
  • Colour lasts anywhere between 4 and 18 hours


WATCH the Power and the MAGIC of LIPSENSE BELOW!!


How does it work? 


Hope you have enjoyed these TIPS! Let me know if you have any questions and want some of these amazing products!  I know you will love!





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