Hydrating Facial Mist

7 Jul

Anyone who has ANY dryness at all should be carrying this around and using it!!! This is so lightweight it delivers moisutre even when you are wearing makeup!

Everyone loses moisture throughout the day. That means your skin is drying and aging. So to prevent it, one way is to spray on this magic in a bottle! A couple sprays and boom moisturizer is locked in!

Instantly refresh and re-energize your skin anytime with lightweight Hydrating Facial Serum Mist with SenePlex+, while simultaneously treating your complexion to long-term anti-aging benefits. This fine, quick drying mist can be spritzed under or over your makeup and is packed with hydrating ingredients like Apple and Kale extract to soothe, moisturize, and help boost skin’s radiance. Powerful Hydromanil Complex helps to pull moisture into skin and lock it in for lasting skin benefits. Hydrating Facial Serum Mist works for every skin type, including sensitive, acne-prone and dry.

👉Spray on Hydrating Facial Mist before Moisturizer, or at any time of the day, even over SenseCosmetics, for an immediate refreshing sensation and boost of moisture.👇

I love to keep one in my purse, makeup area and desk – love to dampen my Beauty Blending Sponge with it as well! It’s a must have!





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