Summer Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try!

6 Jun


Summer is here and it’s time for a FRESH set of beauty trends to test out. There were plenty of runway looks to take makeup cues from this season—ranging from simple to bold—and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to GET OUT and enjoy the Summer Sun!

From super bronzed skin to bright manicures, here are some makeup trends that you’re about to see everywhere.


Extra Sun-Kissed Skin
Think bronzed goddess dripping in gold. It’s all about the GLOW!!  You can go overboard with champagne and metallic shades to give your skin a sun-kissed and very healthy dose of shimmer. Use Bronze Dust in conjunction with Pearlizer to achieve the look.  You can also check out this Blog Post on achieving the J Lo Glow!


Pastel Rainbow Nails
This playful manicure allows you to wear all of your favorite spring shades at once. Simple apply a different one on each nail, mirrored on both hands. To pull it off, pick up five complementary but distinctive colors. I recommend doing Gel or Dip Nails!

m_5deace0259670421c6ab9394Graphic Cat-Eye
The eyeliner game has been upped this season. From graphic designs to vibrant colors, it’s all about going bold with your liner.  Liquid Eyeliner will add an element of surprise and make your peepers pop.


Vibrant Bright Lips

Usually reserved for fall and winter, red lips were big on the spring catwalks—but with an fun bright twist.  Either a good lip color or a highly pigmented gloss!


Bold Brows + Lashes

By now we should know that bold, bushy brows aren’t going anywhere. This time around they were paired with a good waterproof mascara and a clear glossy lip.


Bright Eye Shadow
Put down your neutral eyeshadow and pull out the color. To create this look, imply apply a small amount of highly pigmented bright shadowsense in concentrated areas around your eyes, then use a small brush to blend them together. The resulting bright look is beautiful and nothing basic.  You can go as BOLD as the left or as SOFT to the right!

Just have fun and don’t be afraid to be BOLD!  Why Not?!  It’s fun!

Let me know if you have any questions on how to achieve these looks and what products are my favorites!



Naturally Glamorous Artistry

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