Best Tips & Tricks for Flawless Summer Skin and Makeup

9 May

Does keeping your hair and makeup away from all the crazy sweat and grease in the summer seem like a huge challenge? Do you feel like why bother?  Keep reading for the best summer beauty tips that’ll make your face show that amazing glow even on the hottest of days.

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Fresh Skin

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Your best bet for fresh skin during the steamy summer days are creamy formulation foundations rather than powdery ones. A good tinted moisturizer is a great choice if you prefer light to medium coverage as it is much lighter in texture than most foundations, the downside being that it will mostly just even out your skin tone rather than cover any pimples or more visible imperfections.  If that is needed you may add a good concealer for extra coverage in those areas.

If you are set on using full-coverage foundation, try mixing your primer with your foundation — yes, you read that right! Switch up the way you use primer and mix it with your foundation before applying it to your face, as this will allow for the foundation to set into your skin better and help avoid melting in the heat. The look you will get if you use this trick is dewy, fresh skin with full coverage that does not look cakey.  You may also mix a good pearlizer foundation with your coverage foundation to get more of a dewy look!

Pro tip: Don’t forget sunscreen! One of the most important tips for a summer foundation is to get one with a high sun protection factor. Or use foundation that has a mechanical shield equivalent to spf to help protect your skin from harmful UV rays!

Fun Bright Eyes

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Summer is the best season to play around with color, and your eyelids make the perfect canvas for this! If you’re looking at super long-lasting makeup, Senegence Shadowsense  are the best choice. They will brighten up your eyes and make them pop with a cool glow, and the shades will only look better the hotter it gets!  You don’t have to go as bold as the full pigment, you can soften and layer!  Make it your own!


The Perfect Blush

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During the summer, you may want to switch from your regular, colored blush to a light bronzer — considering the heat is likely to give you naturally pinky cheeks.

Get that bronze summer glow by applying liquid highlighter like pearlizer to your cheeks with a damp sponge for a gorgeous, sunkissed glow. This way, the bronzer will melt into your skin for a dewy finish that looks great both in the sun and in the shade.

Pop those Lips!

person with pink lips

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Say bye-bye to heavy dark lipstick, and join the fun world of colored glosses! One of the best rules of summer makeup is to keep it as light as possible, so that you avoid a cakey-looking face.  And you can POP!

When it comes to lips, liquid high pigmented glosses have been making a huge comeback. Just like with eyeshadow, you can play with a wide range of colors with only one rule — the shinier the better!

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Can’t wait to see you all ROCKIN’ these Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks!



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