Could your favorite lipstick be poisonous and harming your health?

30 Apr

Some makeup products contain a number of chemicals but the one thing that can take a toll on your health and body is lead, component present in lipsticks.

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We love using makeup and looking all dolled up but have you ever thought about the ingredients of your makeup?  Most makeup can contain a number of products and when we step out, we end up buying a lot of new products but we don’t really think much of it. As long as we like the shades and quality, that’s all that matters to us. The one things that really matters is what we tend to ignore. We never really take a look at the ingredients of our makeup and beauty products. Some of these products contain something known as lead. All those lipsticks that you use may contain this ingredient. Most makeup contains a number of chemicals out of which this one is the worst. Most makeup products surprisingly don’t contain very little amount of lead, it contains enough lead that cannot be ignored. Now the question is what does lead do that is so harmful?

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Our skin tends to absorb some of our makeup which contains lead and this can lead to lead poisoning over time. We’ve all been using makeup products for a while now, unknown to the fact that it contains a harmful ingredient. This ingredient has been piling up inside your body over the years and you never know when it may turn out to be too much and you’ll end up with lead poisoning. There’s nothing known as a safe amount of lead, every little bit of lead you consume affects your body.

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Lead can cause more than just lead poisoning. It has been linked to other health risks like behavioral problems and learning disabilities. It can also mess with your hormones and fertility.  Lead can turn you infertile and impact puberty and periods as well. It comes in contact with your blood and it can lead to problems like hypertension and other heart-related problems. It can damage your brains and impact your nervous system and kidneys as well. Your makeup could be a major health risk and you can never know how lead may impact your body and organs.  This is not to alarm you but to inform you!

Make sure you know what you are applying to your lips!  Thank goodness I have found the perfect LIP COLOR that isn’t a lipstick or lip stain!  It’s actually like a SKINCARE SYSTEM FOR YOUR LIPS! Watch the video link below!

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IMG_7919-2 2

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