My Favorite Self Tanner & Tips

8 Aug

This is one of my all time best secrets!! For those who know me and for those who don’t.  You must know that I LOVE to be a “Bronze Goddess” !  But I DO NOT get in the sun or in a tanning bed.  I’m a firm believer in sun protection!!  Not only because I’ve seen it accelerate the aging process but also because of the major skin cancer factor.  There is another way!!  So how do I keep my skin looking Bronzed without UVA/UVB harmful rays? Why Self Tanner of course!


I have tried almost every single self tanner on the market.  No really, I have.  The self tanning products have come a long way from the (won’t say the brand name) orange bottle with the horrible smell and made you look orange back in the early 90’s. Now, there are some really great ones, but this is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It goes on so smooth and is easy to apply.  And as for the smell, wonderful!  Like coconuts!! This tanner is to get the tan you’ve always wanted. What I love most is it is Safe and ok for your face too!

Tip: I do suggest using a Tanning MIT when applying. It makes everything go on smooth and won’t get on your hands. This one feels like velvet almost and doesn’t slip off your body!

You can purchase the tanning mit here!

I also use this! 👇🏼
Tan Detox. This salon-inspired home treatment is designed to remove unwanted self tan build up, leaving skin ultra soft and smooth. Tan Detox is pampering bath oil that combines a luxurious blend of lavender, lemon and hazelnut oils to help create a calming spa-like environment at home. Ideal for use as part of your beauty regime, Tan Detox returns the skin to its normal tone ready for a fresh application of self tan. Includes a gentle exfoliating cloth.

This is fabulous to get your skin exfoliated and ready for the perfect application of self tanner.  I put about 2 caps full in a bath and soak in the bath.  Then take the wash cloth and massage your skin in circular motions.  Get all of the old self tanner and dead skin off.  Then after the bath, dry off and apply a nice non-fragrant moisturizing lotion all over.  You need to wait a while before applying self tanner.  That’s why I suggest doing this bath the night before you want to tan, or do the bath in the morning, then that night apply the self tanner, then the next day your skin is looking fabulous and bronzed!!

Helpful Links:

Click here to purchase the self tanner

Click hereto view application video

Hope this helps all of the SUPERMOMELS out there!!



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